Auto to Artist



Got a new camera? Have played around with it for a while?

Then you already know how complicated this can get. All those buttons and dials. The menus actually don't make it easier.

So you almost got the patience to sit down and read the manual, but you don' t really look forward to it. 

There IS a better way! Let the Auto-to-Artist series guide you through the process and leverage the intelligence of that state-of-the-art camera!

Auto-to-Artist is a comprehensive method that includes options for instructor-led training, as well as self-paced exercises, and it's based in the central premise that the method for teaching photography has to evolve with our cameras. The digital camera, with its preview screen is a fantastic educational tool, and the many assisted shooting modes allow the student to concentrate in one thing at a time.

You can chose from:

Auto-to-Artist photography workshop

Get together with like-minded individuals and be guided by an instructor. Get your images critiqued and be challenged with targeted assignments. 

Auto-to-Artist - The Book

Get the same content of the workshops in an easy-to-follow book.

Auto-to-Artist - eBook

Take Auto-to-Artist with you on your favorite tablet.


Interested in teaching? Check out the Auto-to-Artist Franchise opportunity.

"...your class has given me an opportunity to explore the world and capture expressions of life through  the lens of a camera. Your instruction has taken what I once thought to be a complicated piece of  equipment and has given it meaning and purpose" - L.Fossler

"...having a 'coach' was a great start. I learned a lot and feel a lot more confident. The course was worth every minute!"- L. Mota

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